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Basic Requirements

Pygmy goats are fun, loving pets, and they aren't that hard to take care of. You just need a few simple things like food, shelter, an exercise area and, very importantly, effective fencing. Although pygmy goats are not house pets, they do need similar care to any pet animal, including vaccination, regular worming and foot trimming. Pygmy goats can live for up to 12 years on average, and sometimes 15 years or more. They are a long-term commitment, so make sure that you're ready to take on pygmy goats before getting them. They are herd animals so NEVER BUY, OR KEEP, ONE GOAT ON ITS OWN. ALWAYS HAVE TWO OR MORE.

Pygmy goats need housing in the UK. Whilst they are very hardy, they must have somewhere to shelter away from wind, rain and damp. This can be anything from a redundant stable to a timber garden shed. You will also need an exercise area so that your goats have enough room to run around in. Ideally, your land should also have plenty of grass and weeds for them to browse. With smaller areas, it is a good idea to have an area of hard standing. Pygmies are adaptable, and can be kept in paddocks or fields, or in a large garden situation with good management.

Make sure that you have a secure fence surrounding your pygmy's pen to protect them. One reason for this is that pygmy goats can be poisoned by many common  plants such as privet and conifers. Be sure to check your fencing BEFORE YOUR GOATS ARRIVE! . It should be in good condition. Stone walls and hedges will not keep them contained and will need fencing.

If you are looking for goats as pets, choose castrated males or females in any combination. These do not smell. Never buy, or acquire, an entire (uncastrated) male.


There is much more information available at:

If you decide to go ahead with becoming a pygmy goat keeper I would advise you

to obtain a copy of `Pygmy Goat Keeping` by Pat Mercer and available from the
Pygmy Goat Club (Sales Tab)


lifespan;                    10-15 years
Normal body
temperature;      102-104°f  (39.1 - 40°c)
Normal pulse rate;               
70-95 beats per minute (faster for kids)
Normal respiration rate;          
20-24 per minute
Rumen movement;                   
1-1.5 per minute
Gestation period;                
   145-157 days  (average 150 days)
Heat (oestrus) cycle;            
     18-24 days (average 21 days)   
Length of heat;              
          12-48 hours
Recomended Weaning age ;      
12 weeks
Males can be sexually mature;          
     10-12 weeks
it is recomended that females are not mated before 18 months
All Pygmy goats are naturally horned. They can be disbudded, but this must be carried out by a Veterinary Surgeon. This must be done at 7-10 days.
Kids can be castrated using elastrator ring - before 7 days, or surgery by vet if older

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